Less is more

When I first started working in Rails (in 2005😱), I came across the concept of convention over configuration.

To be fully honest, I didn't stop to think much about what this meant back in the day.

When I started working in the games industry, I remembered what it was like to work without conventions. I began to see how crucial this principle is for the rapid development of applications.

Having fewer options to think about and conventional ways of tackling recurring problems helps us focus on what matters: what makes our product unique.

That's where our attention needs to go, and reducing friction with pre-established patterns is very helpful.

It's important to embrace this principle in the design of our own applications, although there will be times we might want to stay away from it (but that’s for another email).

Where can you apply conventions in your application so you don't have to make some decisions over and over again?

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